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A 12x18 Frame Is My Favorite Size

Pictures or paintings hung on the walls of our house speak a lot about our taste and feelings. Paintings have always been an essential decorative item in every household. One has to choose the best picture frame for his painting as it enhances the beauty of the art piece.

Frames are available in different sizes and variety like wooden and metallic. Nowadays, something new is available in the market, which is called the floating frame as the picture is held between two glass pieces or may be plastic. If the picture is too small then a big frame and a mat could be used for filling up the empty area.

Clip frame is a glass sheet of dimension 12x18 inches along with a wooden piece of same dimension and few unnoticeable clips are there in between to hold your art piece. Cheap posters look high class if framed well and 12x18 is not a very big frame. It is cheap and does not damage the walls. Any big stores will have a stock of these frames and definitely, they are costlier than the poster.

Degrees or printed pictures can be framed in extra large frames with sizes like 10x12, 11x14, 11x17, 12x16 or 12x18 inches. 12x18 costs less than one dollar. Large frames are used for bulky paintings but even if the art piece is small, one can increase its frame size by bordering it with a mat. The mat color and type depends on the painting style. The frame is the main thing and has to be carefully chosen in order to enhance the whole appearance of the masterpiece.

Frame should be one, which is presentable vertically or horizontally or may be both ways, as some frames are only usable on one side. These frames are readily available. Many shapes are available like the heart shape or oval shape. The hardware used at the rear of the frame helps determine the mould one should use.

All the four mediums: Charcoal, Watercolor, pastel and pencil paintings have one main difference when compared to oil or acrylic paintings. These have to be framed, using a protecting glass.

A new trend is developing apart from these classical frames. Gallery wrap is the name of this new style. According to this, a canvas is stretched so that the wooden frame is fully covered and it gives a three dimensional effect to the painting.

The thicker the wooden frame the costlier it looks. This has been proved by many researches. It is the thickness which changes the look of the painting accordingly. Glass imitation is now in use instead of the actual glass, which was being used previously. The main advantage of this imitation is the low cost as well as the safety of the painting, which used to be spoiled due to glass breakage. This glass imitation is lighter in weight as well. The best feature of the glass imitation is that it does not reflect whereas in actual glass, reflection is more prominent than the actual painting.

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