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A 5x7 Frame Can Do Multiple Jobs

In our lives we capture many moments but there are certain most special moments which we want to keep in front of us all the time. Also there are certain most favorite paintings or artworks which we want to be accessible enough to look at them whenever we feel like.

The best way to display a memorable photograph or a favorite artwork is to frame them and hang them on the wall which faces us most of the time or put them on the table we visit more often. Displaying a frame would also fill the empty place and adds beauty to the room.

Frames are available in different sizes. There are certain standard sizes in which frames are usually easily available in any photography or framing shop. These sizes include:
  • 4x6 Frame
  • 5x7 Frame
  • 8x10 Frame
  • 11x14 Frame
  • 16x20 Frame
These sizes are most commonly used for framing pictures but other artworks etc can also be framed using these sizes. For artworks, paintings etc large sizes like last three sizes are more appropriate to use.

5x7 Frame, as the size shows, is very common as standing frames for side tables. It is available in the form of a single frame or a double or triple frame. Double or triple frames are available both in joined and separate form. Also there are different colors and shapes (oval, round, square, heart shape etc) available for these frames. There are different designs made on the frame border like heart shape, flowers, ribbons etc. Some frames also have some decorative material attached to them which gives them an additional beautiful look.

5x7 frames, like other frames also uses wood, metal or plastic as a border material. Price of a frame depends upon the material and the quality of the frame. If high quality material is used a cherished photograph will look more special. Also a good quality frame with proper and neat finishing would add elegance to the room.

5x7 size photo frames are best used to preserve wedding photographs. These frames have designs presenting different themes like wedding bells, candles, heart, flowers etc. The colors used for such frames are mostly red, golden and silver, but definitely it depends upon you which color you prefer to save your wedding memories.

These frames are also used to preserve memories of birthday; friends and family get together, picnics, parties or any other special and memorable events. Although other standard size frames can also be used to serve this purpose but 5x7 frame size is more preferable due to its medium nature.

5x7 frames are easily available at all photography shops. These can also be purchased from several decoration or gift shops and there are many online stores as well. You can also present these frames as a gift to your loved ones using online option. Sometimes a clock or a written note like "friends are forever" is there along with the frame which adds meaning to the gift.

The online frame stores give you a good option to choose from different colors, types of 5x7 frames.

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