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Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

Coleslaw, colloquially referred as Slaw, is an American salad recipe consisting of shredded cabbages at large and a small amount of well-shredded carrots at times. With the kind of fast lives people lead, it is not always easy to shred fresh cabbage and make the right salad recipe each time. For this purpose, it is ideal to keep coleslaw in frozen state.

Now, it is well known that some kinds of foods respond smartly to refrigeration while others are a little lethargic in their response. For something like coleslaw, which happens to be a smart add-on for French fries and chicken fry, it is important to keep a large volume of it, refrigerated. This brings us to the crux question- can you freeze coleslaw?

Yes, You Can Freeze Coleslaw

The answer is yes and like me, when I heard it for the first time, it would have relieved you too. Then unlike me, you kindly take certain precautions pals. I froze coleslaw that was dripping with mayonnaise and as a result, the salad came out rather patchy in taste after refrigeration. Yes, if your recipe completely lacks mayonnaise then you can look towards freezing it without much ado. Some use salad creams in the place of mayonnaise to be able to use freezing measures.

No Mayo for Freezing

This can be a smart move if you have shredded a large portion of cabbage and need small ones for your chicken fry and barbecued salads regularly. In fact, I am being asked often whether freezing is permissible before using mayo. Well! My answer is only a feeble Yes; however, even this is undesirable as mayo responds sluggishly to refrigeration and the final product ready for your palate might not be the one you have anticipated with a mayo dressing.

My Style of Freezing It

There is a special way of freezing coleslaw though. While a few of them work well, I am more inclined towards using a particular kind of freezing. Each day, over the internet, you will find a recipe article pertaining to a different method. Personally, I have nothing against them, as they are all noble. However, for me, Ziplocs and flat placement on a baking sheets work best.

Ziploc Bags Are Ideal

For this, you need to spoon the shredded cabbage and carrot into a Ziploc style bag; of course, it means that you have a zippered seal to close its upper end. At the empty portion of the bag, you can place your hand firmly and ease out any air that might have developed due to lesser air pressure. You next need to use a wax paper and cover a baking sheet with it. Now you need to place the Ziplocs flat on the sheets. This is to be placed in freezer.

Defrost for Two Hours and Label Names

Ideally, you should not place the slaw inside the freezer for more than two months. I also recommend defrosting the cabbage slaw for as many as 2 hours prior to serving it with a salad cream. You can use a few rounds of bell papers for smart dressing. Look to label the frozen coleslaw with name and dates and try using the batches as they went inside the freezer.

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