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What To Look for at a Cashmere Sale

Cashmere used to be reserved for only the richest of the rich. But thanks to advances in technology, cashmere is now an affordable luxury for all of us. Finding a cashmere sale is a rare opportunity, so when it presents itself you should be ready to exploit it.

To know what to look for at a cashmere sale, we should take a step back and ask ourselves, "What is cashmere?" Cashmere is a type of wool that is made from the cashmere goat. The goat sheds his coat during the spring months, and the coarse outer hair is separated from the soft hair of the undercoat. The result is then used to create cashmere wool.

Cashmere wool is characterized by its surprising insulating ability, compared to its weight. Of course, it is also amazingly soft, especially when compared to standard wool. All of these factors make cashmere wool a heavily demanded product all over the globe.

At a cashmere sale, be sure to take a good look at all the product being offered. Feel the cashmere itself - it should be soft with a smooth texture, not clumpy and hairy. Clumps represent an inferior product. Next, take a look at the brand name.

Cashmere prices can vary wildly depending on the brand. For instance, a generic cashmere scarf can cost $75, while the same scarf with a Burberry logo might cost $500. At a cashmere sale, it is best to just find the best cashmere that you can afford.

Finding a cashmere sale is easiest after winter. The worst time to find a cashmere sale is during the fall. This is because designers and retailers anticipate that most cashmere will be sold during the winter months. Thus, while you will still see cashmere sales, they will not be as good as the cashmere sales in the spring.

It is easy to find a cashmere sale in the spring months. Retailers know that consumers do not want to wear cashmere during the summer months, and want to get rid of all the cashmere in stock. They also want to get rid of last year's styles. Because of this, the spring time is a great time for consumers to look for cashmere sales.

Another great place to look for cashmere sale is outlet malls. Outlet malls are generally stores that sell product that cannot be sold at the traditional retail store. This is great news for the consumer - finding a cashmere sale at the outlet malls should be easy any time of the year.

Finally, there has never been a better to find a cashmere sale than now. With the declining economy, and Christmas looming over the corner, retailers are fighting harder than ever for your consumer dollar. If you are looking for a gift for that special someone, now might be the best time to find a cashmere sale.

You can look at the Sunday paper for advertisements, or search the internet for upcoming sales. Or, you can try the old fashioned way and head down to your local mall - then who knows what you'll find.

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