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Dress up Your Bedroom With Flannel Duvet Covers

It is winter season and room temperature is almost below 0 degree. You protect yourself with sweater and feathered wool jacket. What if you want to lie on a bed without this jacket and need a blanket to keep you warm throughout the night? Well, in that case flannel duvet covers will be the best bet.

Flannel duvet covers are exclusively meant for your bed apparel and decor. It comes in a large variety of collection with each unique feature. It comprises of a perfect blend of prints, colors, shades, fabrics, natural fibers, style and patterns. Soft sheet is defined by the type of weaving is done for the bed sheet.

Flannel duvet covers and comforters are meant to provide you secure and cold free sleep in such extreme climate. Even you can carry flannel duvet to keep you warm in extreme climatic condition in Antarctica and Artic Ocean where life is miserably cold.

The Bedding comprises of blanket, drapes and curtains, linens, shams, bed comforter, supporter, valance, pillows and bed sheet. The bedroom is the place where you spend your valuable time and you would like to revamp your entire decor and style such a way that it gives an elite look to your bedroom.

There are several options available but if once you discover the features of flannel duvet by yourself, then flannel duvet covers will be your first choice for your room.

Characteristic Features of Flannel Duvet Covers

Below is the list of features that flannel Duvet exhibit that what makes it different from other type of bed covers.
  • This flannel is made up from 100% organic cotton.
  • The flannel is brushed and rubbed after dyes from outside and from inside for softness
  • Organic cotton flannel gets softened and exhibit warmer after every wash.
  • They are natural, made up of organic bamboo mixed with cotton fiber thus acting as anti-microbial in any climate.
  • The sateen weave work makes bedroom more attractive and gives lustrous look.
  • They have water Pill over resistant.
  • They have resistant against washing.
  • Dyes in flannel used for textures are less harmful to environment.
  • Fabric used is of high quality and is tested against standard.
  • Natural fibers used for interleaving and interlacing of threads.
  • They have water spill over resistance that makes stains to accumulate in one area rather than spreading to corresponding pallets of sheet.
  • They are durable but are soft on body skin.

Reputed Brands

There are numerous reputed brand manufacturers in the market that offer a wide range of flannel duvet covers. Some of the most well-known brands include:
  • Harlequin
  • Northern Nights
  • John Lewis
  • Coyuchi

Types of Flannel Duvet Covers

Several types of flannel duvet covers are available in the market and the most common ones are:
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Fixed Sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillow cases
  • Shams

Easy to Maintain

The flannel duvet covers are durable and can be machine washed. Avoid any kind of bleach wash. You can also clean them using vacuum cleaner with dry and wet shampooing technique.

You can shop for flannel duvet covers online or from the local stores. Take your time to visit the sites offering flannel duvet covers and get the best possible deal for your home decor.

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