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Advantages of a Flexible Solar Panel

There are many sources of energy available like wind, water and thermal. Out of these energies, the most easily and freely available is the solar energy. In order to store solar energy, flexible solar panels are most commonly used.

For those aren't aware, solar panel is an array of photovoltaic cells. It makes use of renewable energy from the sun and is an eco-friendly and clean means of collecting energy from the sun.

Solar panels store sunlight and convert it into electricity. They consist of solar cells, which are arranged in a grid like pattern on the surface of the solar panel. These cells collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

The solar cells can be painted or printed on the plastic sheets. Therefore, these sheets are also called flexible solar panels. A flexible solar panel is inexpensive and easy to make. These panels are thinner and more lightweight, flexible and durable than rigid crystalline panels. Some of the panels are as thin as 1/1000th of an inch.

A flexible solar panel looks similar to a film roll. Such panels enable easier integration into materials and allow for simple, robust, low cost building installations. The solar panels are portable and are known for their ease of use and multipurpose characteristics.

These panels can be taken any where as they can be folded or rolled up. These panels can be unfolded or rolled out and can be kept in sunlight to absorb energy.

These solar panels can be used for various applications like laptops, cell phones, marine batteries, and so on. They can generate sufficient energy to light up a bulb or operate a small heater and in some instances, they are even capable of charging your phone batteries.

Due to their flexibility, these panels are used for the purpose of roofing. As they blend easily into the roof tops, it also helps you save quite a good sum, which would otherwise have been incurred due to steel roofing or shingles.

A flexible solar panel serves a variety of other purposes. These panels help in lighting up your campsite, help cook your food, heat water without causing any damage to the natural environment. The flexible solar panels can be used in RV or recreational vehicles with different varieties to suit ones needs.

The flexible solar panels can easily fit into the bag pack. However, too much flexing of these panels can even destroy the unit and make it unusable. These panels can withstand exposure to water but they are not completely waterproof. So these panels cannot be washed and dried in the machine. If they become dirty, they need to be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Cleaning is required so that it can absorb the solar energy. There are many models that have meters to maintain the charge and prevent it from being damaged.

The products associated with flexible solar panel that are used on a large scale, are solar mobile charger, solar water heater and solar lights. The top three flexible solar panel manufacturers in the world are Sun Power (USA), Schott Solar (Germany) and Solar World (Germany). The company associated for the best product quality for flexible solar panels is Sanyo (Japan).

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