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Glass Jugs --Utility Weaved With Timeless Beauty

The history of glass is perhaps as old as the history of modern human civilization. Over the period of time various other materials have come into usage, different proportion, different color, hues and properties, however this transparent white material somehow has always remained a favorite with people around the globe. Take for instance, glass jugs.

From daily household stuffs to decorative or ornamental purposes, the substitute of glass is very difficult to find. Glass jars are one of the most preferred materials of storage irrespective of its size and weight.

Glass jugs generally have a purity of structure which makes it impossible to react with any other chemical composition. This unique quality is not found in any other material. This is perhaps the only reason because of which glass jugs are used to store toxic materials in laboratories.

Glass jars also have a unique temperature resistant capacity. This means it does not shrink or expand too much when exposed to heat. It's this property that makes it a favorite with the beverage industry folks. Expensive liquor needs to be preserved under perfect temperature. Change in temperature can alter their quality.

Almost all liquor manufactured worldwide is stored in glass jars. Wine manufactures go in for thin elegantly shaped bottles as they stress on the refinement of the product, whereas whisky manufactures tend to buy thick glass bottles because for them temperature is an important factor of consideration. Recycling of glass jugs is also a mandatory requirement by the law.

Glass has a wonderful ornamental property; it can be craved, stained, and molded to give wonderful designs. Huge glass jugs filled with beverages often add beauty to the entire atmosphere. These jugs are also available in various colors which render certain mystic aura to their appeal.

Glass jugs also serve decorative purposes. They are used in various houses as centre piece in the living rooms or as showpieces in the staircase landing.

Glass jugs come in various shapes and sizes and they can be placed as elegant showpieces on the dining table. The smaller jugs are usually made up of various colors and boasts of intricate craftsmanship that is hard to miss. A simple water jug made out of frosted glass can enhance the glamour of the entire table by several times.

Glass jars are also used for craft ideas. Some people paint large jugs with various colors, draw faces and fit them with light and use them as glowing lamps during Halloween. The effect created no doubt is spooky enough to scare away any evil spirit!

Also, if you are an individual with a creative bent of mind, then you may fancy upon crafting beautiful glass jars in the form of memory jars, painted jugs, and so on. The look of stained glass is also very popular in the recent days.

The history of glass is as fascinating as its uses are. Glass has been equally famous in olden days in royal household and has occupied a proud place in the places of emperors and kings. From Cesarean Greece to Victorian England, the presence of glass jars is omnipresent and will remain to be so in the impending times as well.

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