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How to Clean a Bathroom

Have you ever thought about which space in your home lets you be completely yourself? While you might be debating over the bedroom and the den, the space that gives you maximum freedom and time for only your own self is no other than your bathroom. You must have designed your bedroom in mind a thousand times and over, but it is important to spend equal thought on your bathroom. Keeping your bathroom clean is not a task; it is a requirement. Here are a few simple tips that could come in handy when you embark on the weekend bathroom cleaning project. Read on.

Bathtub Area

The bathtub is an all important area of your bathroom. Soaking in the tub allows you to think, relax and simply be yourself. Therefore, you must take extra care of this lovely place in your bathroom. Make sure that after every bath, the tub is emptied of all water and wiped with a wet piece of sponge. You can take some mild detergent and scrub clean the bathtub body carefully. Regular cleaning discourages formation of moss or mildew. Take care to dry the bathtub mat as well. For stains, apply a drop of a non acidic cleaner and let it remain on the area for a while. Rinse off with warm water. You may also clean the bathtub drain outlet by removing any clogging element on its mouth with the help of tissue paper.

Mirror and Shower Enclosure

Your bathroom mirror must not look like it has had a fog attack. Wipe the surface with a piece of clean cloth that is slightly wet. Leave the enclosure door or the bathroom window open so that your bath area has a fresh look after you use it. Clean the shower doors once a week with a cleaner. You must make sure that the panels of the enclosure are not subject to mildew formation. Spray a room freshener so that your bathroom smells good. You can detach the shower curtains on a fortnightly basis and wash it in warm water with a detergent.

Toilet Cleaning

You can clean the toilet body and the seat in the same way as the bathtub. Take the help of a toilet brush and scrub clean the inner area of the toilet. Use a cleaner at least once every two weeks. Finally, flush the toilet.

Other Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom floor must not be slippery. Wash it daily after a bath. Once every weekend or per fortnight, you can mop up the floor with bleach or a cleaner. Dry mop the floor daily so that water does not remain on it for a long time. You must clean the walls with mild cleaner and water. If there are tiles on the wall and floor, do not apply much pressure. You must also keep an eye on stains and also remove them as I specified earlier. Check the bathroom fixtures regularly so that you can notice any leak at the earliest.

Finally, do not panic about the cleaning part.

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