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How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you have been fretting over keeping the steam and moisture at bay from your bathroom, the bathroom exhaust fan could just be what you need. The exhaust fan is as essential as any other accessory you install in the bathroom. It helps to keep your bathroom fresh and free from mold or mildew. You can install the exhaust fan all by yourself over a weekend - it is as simple as that! Let me outline a few points that you need to keep in mind while installing the bathroom exhaust fan.

Fan Selection Tips

There are a large number of models for bathroom exhaust fans. You need to choose one that best suits your bathroom. If your bathroom is of an old make, you must go in for a fan that can do away with allergens present in the bathroom. Modern bathrooms generally require an exhaust that can do away with the moisture and steam. Be sure of the size of your bathroom. This goes a long way in helping you decide what type of exhaust shall work for your bathroom.

Wiring Tips

Before you embark on the mission for fan installation, you need to be very sure that the wiring system of your home is secure. It is better that you take aid of a professional in case you are not very adept at handling circuits and wiring. While you drill for making connections, make sure you take ample safety precautions. Wearing of rubber gloves and safety goggles is an absolute must. Keep an eye on the wires so that you do not manage to break any of them. A very important point to be kept in mind while installing the exhaust fan is that, the main fuse must be kept in off position.

Tips Related to the Toolkit

You must ensure that you have all the required tools with you. Wire strippers, flat head screwdriver, duct kit, tester, wire nuts and a jab saw are the tools you need to have. Locate the position where the exhaust fan needs to be set up. The duct kit must be used to decide the area of the exhaust fan hole. The kit has instructions attached. You need not worry about making a symmetrical cut but try and make the cut neat. The exhaust fan pack shall have easy to follow instructions for setting it up.

Final Wiring Tips

After the hose is made to run all the way into your attic, you must locate the soffit nearest to it. The hose must be connected to the soffit vent. The instructions must be clearly followed as written on the pack manual. All these tips go a long way in helping you install the exhaust fan perfectly. These fans are a boon for modern bathrooms. They help save a lot on maintenance costs and keep you bathroom clean and fresh. A final tip that is very essential - you need to be confident with your installation job. It is as easy as the instructions outlined!

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