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How to Install a Bathroom Faucet

A bathroom faucet is an integral part of your bathroom. Installing a bathroom faucet is not a very tough job. It is not necessary to seek professional aid for installation of faucets in your bathroom. Even if you are no expert, you can easily install the bathroom faucet using a wrench and screwdriver. A little bit of grit and determination goes a long way on helping you successfully install the bathroom faucet. Here are a few important tips that you can refer to while working on the bathroom faucet installation project.

Un-assembling Tips

Make sure that you turn the water supply off before beginning work on removal of the existing one and installation of the new bathroom faucet. While removing the old faucet, make sure you do not apply too much force. After you remove the handles of the faucet, carefully remove the plastic membrane inside. Make sure you do not end up breaking or cutting through any internal part. Loosen the nuts with wrench and the screws with the screwdriver. Some water might come out from the faucet. For holding this, keep a bucket handy. Adjustable wrench is the type that can be used on the faucet in your bathroom.

Tips for Supply Lines

Locate precisely where the water supply lines of the bathroom faucet are. You must be sure which connection is linked to warm water supply and which to cold water supply. Since these lines stay secured with nuts, you need to loosen these carefully and keep them aside safely. In case you fail to locate any nuts on the lines, your faucet model is of an older version. In this case, you must cut the lines for water supply carefully using hacksaw. Be extra cautious while cutting to ensure there are no damages. Be prepared for a gush of water flowing out.

Assembling and Fitting Tips

After you place the bathroom faucet in its position, loosely fit it up in place. Only after you are sure that the positioning and fitting is perfect, use the wrench or the screwdriver to tighten the rings and the bolts or nuts. While fitting the drain line, make sure that you connect it to the existing rod. Finally, once you are certain that the bathroom faucet has a snug fit, reconnect the water connection. You may use plumbing tape for sealing the connection lines. Check that the hot water and the cold water lines are positioned correctly.

Testing Tips

Finally, you must conduct a test on the connection. See if there are any leaks in the pipes and the fittings. In case you see water spurting out or seeping through any area of the bathroom faucet, redo the entire procedure for installation. Clean the pipes and faucet parts of any possible debris or particles that may have accumulated. Each separate make of a bathroom faucet has its specific set of guidelines. Make sure that you read the manual that comes with the faucet kit thoroughly, before working on the installation of the bathroom faucet.

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