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How to Make Coleslaw

The Americans love their slaw sandwich, they like their fried chickens with slaw too. In fact, why only them, the whole world has caught the craze of slaw. It happens to be the colloquial term of the largely recognized coleslaw. Yes, you got that right; I am referring to the salad of shredded cabbages that goes by the name of coleslaw around the world. You must have heard of it during your sandwich days or barbecue times.

Oft you would have thought about preparing it in abundance and freezing it for later-day servings. I will tell you what! You are not a minority; many connoisseurs of food have harbored such wishes. Let me add a small precaution for you here. If you actually intend to freeze your slaw for a couple of months, do not dress it with mayonnaise. Ideally, do not use mayo even after defrosting it. Use salad cream instead. However, my purpose here is not to teach you whether you should freeze or not, but how should you go about making your coleslaw.

For a detailed discussion on freezing coleslaw, read my previous article titled -- Can you freeze coleslaw?

Smarty Recipe of Coleslaw

The one I am taking up with you can be used with ham and sandwich and summertime barbecue chicken and lot more types of food actually. Ideally, it takes up 30 minutes to prepare it. Yes, you should give it some 2 hours to chill before serving it on your patio area when sun is a wonderful heat ball.

Mix Whippy Mayonnaise Dressing With Vegetables

As a first, you should shred cabbages and carrots and add peeled and shredded green onions to this mixture of cabbage and carrot. In a different bowl, you should mix mayonnaise or salad cream (either of the two) with mustard, salt sugar and pepper. Mix them thoroughly to create a creamy stirring.

Use Pre-Shredded Cabbage

Inundate the vegetables with the dressing that you have created. Now, shift this dressed coleslaw into a smaller bowl and plastic-wrap it. Next, you need to put the slaw in freezer for two hours prior to serving. For saving on the time, you can use pre-shredded cabbages and carrots available in the market. Generally, they are available in 16 ounce bags.

Points to Ponder About Mayo

Use mayonnaise as you feel, given the thinness and thickness of the recipe. Also, if you are using mayo, do not refrigerate for more than a couple of hours; not only will the recipe become patchy in taste but it might even create breeding grounds for food poisoning.

A Few More Add-Ons for the Coleslaw Recipe

For some of these recipes, you can use vinegar, celery seed and hot sauce for taste too. You can also use poppy seeds at times to create a different kind of dressing. Apart from a mixing spoon, I have found that it is useful to utilize a wire whisk too. It allows better mixture and preservation in the freezer. If you want to change the routine beyond coleslaw, you can try shredded broccoli stalks just as well.

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