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Kentucky Fried Chicken Cole Slaw

For me, KFC made a strong mark for itself not through some state of art processing methods or logistics or some technical strength. It is successful (and God! It is) because the company knows the pulse of the masses. Naturally, the day when it chose to combine with the delectable spread of Coleslaw, it had to come up with something that is beyond words.

Great for Summer Time Barbecues

Kentucky fried chicken coleslaw recipes are sumptuous to the nth power and really goes well with various barbecue dishes. So, if its summer time and you have planned a get-together for the patio area, KFC coleslaw special and loud music is just what the doctor orders.

Not Maniacal Towards Mayo

As a first, KFC is not too inclined or besotted by the mayo bug. Yes, it uses mayonnaise but also plans a few salad creams and whisked layers of delight without introducing mayo at all. The ingredients vary from recipe to recipe but in general, you would find buttermilk, lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper in common. Yes, the sugar is granulated to its finest molecular proportions. I believe this is to be able to enhance it by the minimal volume if a certain amount of tanginess is perceived. To reiterate, mayonnaise works just fine with these ingredients or it can be substituted by salad cream of a few proprietary types.

Mixing Ingredients Artfully

KFC uses above-mentioned mayo ingredients to mix with chopped and shredded cabbage, onions and carrots. You can take the vegetables through a food processor for finer chopping and then whisk it encouragingly. It is ideal adding these shredded pieces to a large bowl and pouring the dressing of mayo over it. Proper tossing and mixing ensures that the final coleslaw recipe is well turned out and thick. Well! KFC coleslaw melts in the mouth but you have got to guard against a strong cabbage flavor at times.

In Case of a Strong Cabbage Flavor

If this be the case, then refrigerate for 4 hours prior to serving the delicacy. In general, the cabbage shreds absorb the dressing flavor by then and melt in the mouth like the first dish of heaven. KFC coleslaw recipes are superb success stories and you will find them being copied at other outlets and food chains. Even the housewives love feeding their husbands on it.

Clever Ingredient Variations

There are subtle variations in ingredients for which KFC is famed. For instance, it has a tendency to go for Napa cabbage in the place of regular run-of-mill cabbage and it also plays well with poppy and celery seeds. Its bent towards creating a few mayo free recipes is well appreciated by those who are allergic to it.

A Couple of Tips

Next time you are in KFC, go for the chic fil-a-coleslaw and come out believing that the world is a better place. Just remember to order from those chickens that are skin washed or rolled up in a chicken batter; they have a tendency towards tasting better with coleslaw recipes.

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