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Basics of a Microwave Turntable

Today, almost every kitchen has a microwave oven but one of the major drawbacks of heating up food in a microwave oven is that it does not get evenly heated up. We usually get hot and cold spots in the food item we have heated in it. To eliminate this problem, we can use a microwave turntable which turns the food round and round in the oven so that the microwaves enter into the utensil from all the sides.

A microwave turntable is driven by alternating current motor that may start rotating randomly in any direction and continues to rotate in the direction until it stops. Why it is preferred to use a turntable in a microwave oven is because microwave energy does not get evenly distributed in all parts of the oven.

The turntable allows your food to receive energy in equal amounts by turning across the microwave field that is uneven. It is a fact that the direction in which the turntable rotates is not at all significant; the major thing is that it helps in cooking or heating the food evenly.

Types of Microwave Turntables

Whichever microwave oven you have decided to purchase, you will want it to give you even reheating and cooking. Traditional microwave turntables are usually round pieces of glass on motorized loop which helps in rotating the food in the microwave oven while it is being heated up. In this way, the microwaves penetrate into the food more evenly and efficiently.

Now, the round microwave turntable has been replaced by a rectangular slab that slides from one side to the other. The best thing is that these turntables are weight activated for mid size as well as full size microwave ovens.

What to Look for in a Microwave Turntable

Almost every microwave oven coming up now-a-days, even the cheap entry level ones, have at least a handy microwave turntable. But if you have inherited an older model of oven and you need to manually rotate and flip your food, then you can also purchase a turntable compatible with your microwave oven.

Now that you have decided to purchase a microwave turntable, you should not forget to look at its control. If you cook with oddly shaped or oversized dishes regularly, then it will be beneficial for you to purchase a microwave oven, which has an option of on/off button for the turntable. After turning off the microwave oven turntable, you can fit the oddly-shaped or over-sized dishes into the oven.

The best thing about a microwave turntable is that it is usually very easy to clean up. Although it should not be dipped in water for cleaning, it can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe. Even if there are burnt drippings that appear prominent for several weeks, you can easily remove them with some water and a brush or a rag.

Usually, these turntables are made up of plastic. Although they become hot when food is heated on it, but not that hot that it can melt down the hard plastic.

With all these features and advantages, you have no reason to wait but to go straight away and purchase your latest model of microwave turntable.

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