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Retractable Cord Reel

The world has never been the same since Thomas Alva Edison turned on the first practical electric light bulb. Today, it is difficult to imagine life without electricity. With electric outlets present in every nook and corner of your homes and offices, an extension cord is a must-have for every space. These serve as an ideal solution to all your plugging problems, especially if the outlet is located at some distance from the appliance that you wish to operate. With times, this cord too has been upgraded and is available in its latest avatar -- retractable cord reel that offers all the benefits of an extension cord along with better manageability and storing solution.

What Is It?

A retractable cord reel is basically a heavy duty electric extension cord that more often than not has an automatic rewinding feature so that only the length of the cord that is required to power up a particular appliance at home or office is exposed. This prevents tangling, kinking along the length of the cable and even keeps the danger of tripping over the exposed cord at bay.

The unused length of a retractable cord reel lies within the broad and spacey core that has an inbuilt mechanism to release more cord, when required, in a systematic manner. This cuts out all the mess that ordinary or conventional extension cords come with such as intertwining with other wiring and accumulating a lot of dirt and dust when left in the open.

What Is Its Use?

A retractable cord reel is perfect for home, garage or office use when you need an extension cable to make a particular appliance or gadget reach the power outlet. The systematic attachment of these cords makes them very beneficial for use if you have multiple wires and need to use them altogether without messing up the look of the place with all the stray wiring. This is especially true if you love rearranging your home or office furniture from time to time and need an extension cord to plug your entertainment unit like TV, stereo or home theater system.

What Is the Use at Home?

With the number of electric appliances used in homes today, it would be difficult to imagine them without an extension cord. You can do better by getting a retractable extension cord that can help you plug your TV set, microwave, washing machine and vacuum cleaner to different power outlets as per your convenience.

These are especially helpful if you are hosting a party in your backyard or by the poolside and want to bring out your music system or light up the entertainment area without cluttering the space with unsightly wiring and cables.

Any Other Matters to Keep in Mind

At the time of purchasing a retractable cord reel, you need to check its length and diameter and ensure that it is equipped to power up the appliances you intend to use it for in your home. In addition, check for high temperature protection feature and automatic circuit breaker for over-heat protection to prevent the mishap of short-circuit.

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