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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

God does not seem to be too willing to create more space on earth. This largely means that one has to make do with the kind of space at disposal. The class of an interior decorator can be better judged when he works over cramped spaces. Of course, he is no good if cannot keep the central style and functionality intact despite the small area that he gets to work over. This is most true for bathrooms.

Create an Illusion of Space

Being in the bathroom designing business for sometime, I can tell you that it's not the easiest thing creating an illusion of space but if your designer is good with the job, he sure can play with form and symmetry, format and style, and create an apparently bigger area from your small bathrooms.

Keep White at Bay

Do not go for white at all. White stands for hygiene but there are many other ways to achieve the right kind of hygiene too. White essentially means that your cramped bathroom looks far more shrunken, just the opposite of what you are looking to achieve. You can go for brash and bold strokes or softer hues of pink and orange too.

Segregate Bathroom Zones

You must try to compartmentalize your bathroom. This means segregating the areas. Separation of areas holding different identity increases the impression of space. It can be done by using different accent and task lights over different areas. You can also segregate the areas by using distinct texture paints on walls.

No Large-Sized Objects

Do not use big objects. If you have a few ledges, construct them in such a way that they project out horizontally only up till a certain point; a feet at the most. It makes the bathrooms look bigger. Of course, you can look towards large vertical show pieces and functional boxes for enhancing the look and space.

Overhaul Sinks and Faucets

I have also found out that the particularly small bathrooms, as you may possess, require a complete overhaul of sinks and tubs. Often, pals, this is the difference between an aesthetically stylish bathroom and a cluttered mess. You certainly do not need a private sanctuary that looks cluttered.

Use of Tiles

If you have some money to spend you can go for ceramic tiles. These are wavy in texture and catch the ripple effect of water best. Their graphical plains are symmetric and it means that you will feel like being in a natural ocean like domain if you place them properly. LED tiles can also work smartly, if you use them in slow alternating movement of colors.

Placement of Lights

The kind of lights you use is going to hold a lot of importance in defining your bathroom. Your bathroom space is a small one, so do not play with kaleidoscopic rays; such a selection may make the place look even smaller. You should go for sober task lights and emphasize different areas through accenting. This way, the molecular space will break up and offer you clear zones. I personally feel placement of light to be an integral aspect of small bathroom décor.

I cannot say which one is more important than the other, but following all these ideas can certainly make a perceptible difference in the aura of your small sized bathroom.

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