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What Color Should I Paint my Bathroom?

Our bathrooms are our private sanctuaries. A place defined by personal outbursts, agony and ecstasy of work office, and the cultivated mornings ready to be turned into great days. It is important that the bathrooms present not only a pretty picture but a smart functional identity too. You need to look over the lights, tiles, other flooring if any, wall texture, kinds of objects and so much more for creating the right kind of look of your bathroom. However, one thing that probably needs most attention is the color of your bathroom.

What color should I paint my bathroom? I asked myself, while I had just moved to my new home. It was not large by any means but the bathroom was moderately carved out. Since then, my craft of interior designing has taken me places and I have designed many bathrooms too. Here are a few points to ponder before picking your choice of paint.

Keep White at a Fair Distance for Smaller Bathrooms

Do not look for white if your bathroom space is cramped. It is simple; white makes your acreage look even smaller. All the while, you are working to create an illusion of space and suddenly you have a smaller identity of bathroom to look at. Ah!! Darn such thoughts.

Bold Strokes Are the Fashion of the Day

You can work out the bold and brash strokes of pink and orange beautifully. They enhance the look of your bathroom and I have found that with serious coating of primer and moisture-resistant paint surfaces, you can avail really worthy décor aesthetics. Of course, you should also look to contrast and sync the colors with the kinds of objects used.

Color in Coordination or in Contrast With Bathroom Accessories

Not many are willing to buy their premium bathroom tools based on the color of the bathroom walls. In fact, it is only logical as many such stylish accessories are not available in a panorama of colors either and may not be in sync with the bathroom color. Contrarily, you should look forward to painting your bathroom walls in synchronization or in contrast with your bathroom props and accessories.

Kind of Paint Used Is Important

I have also found out that your choice of color may differ for different kinds of paints. If you are using a wavy texture, earthy shades suit more as they create a ripple effect of water better. At the same time, if you are going for simple primer, brash strokes serve quite well.

Contrasting in Various Colors and Formats

Checkerboard tops with striped bottoms work smartly. Chartreuse outlines provide a symmetrical fashion to the bathrooms and segregate the space beautifully. If you are looking for a calm color that reminds of the idyllic holiday mood, nothing would work better then grey. The taupe or the dove wings finish I have found is probably your best bet. Contrasting green with peach, blue with beige, and in general bold with sober, adds quite an aesthetic punch to your bathrooms too. Also, you can take my word that what looks good for your top half does not always look too smart on the bottom half and vice versa.

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